quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Nicolas Steno

Gostei do desenho e das cores ;)

Nicolas Steno [11/01/1638 – 05/12/1686] was a Danish Catholic bishop and scientist and a pioneer in both anatomy and geology.
He questioned explanations for tear production, the idea that fossils grew in the ground and explanations of rock formation. His investigations and his subsequent conclusions on fossils and rock formation has led scholars to consider him one of the founders of both modern stratigraphy and modern geology, together with James Hutton.

Born to a Lutheran family, Steno converted to Catholicism in 1667. After his conversion, his interest for natural sciences rapidly waned giving way to his interest in theology. At the beginning of 1675, he decided to become a priest. Four months after, he was ordained in the Catholic clergy in Easter 1675. Steno played an active role in the Counter-Reformation in Northern Germany. He was venerated as a saint after his death and the Roman Catholic canonization process was begun in 1938. Pope John Paul II beatified Steno in 1988.

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